Friday, October 7, 2016

Diabetic Foot Care

Your feet are vital to everything that you do. Working and living your life as you know it means making sure that your feet are healthy. If you are a diabetic your feet can be a major problem when it comes to wounds and skin care. Your diabetic foot care is different than the average individual. You need to be sure that your feet remain free of wounds since you don’t have the same immune system as others. Janet Ajrouche in Ypsilanti, Michigan understands the challenges you face in caring for your feet as a diabetic.

Concerns for Diabetic Foot Care
Some of the things you want to watch for when it comes to diabetic foot care including watching for any type of injury, redness or differences in skin tone. You need to keep your skin moisturized and ensure that you are cleaning your feet carefully each day. If you spot anything different about your feet you need to seek medical attention. Using diabetic socks can provide you with some help when it comes to caring for your feet. They move unwanted moisture away from the feet while allowing them to keep warm.

Taking the initiative to learn all you can about how your feet react due to diabetes can go a long way to helping you save your mobility. Contact our office today to go over the options and to meet with our professional team. Call us at 734-434-3545 to get the best care possible for your diabetic foot care. We are eager to help you find relieve and stay as healthy as possible.